Twitter is Apparently Working on a 'Stories' feature

Twitter is Apparently Working on a 'Stories' feature

Twitter is Apparently Working on a 'Stories' feature

This feature is now available in Australia and Canada, where both, the iOS and Android apps have already been updated with the new design, which was being teased by the company last November.

The Snapchat app is created to automatically bring up a camera feature when the app is opened. Bloomberg's report stated that Twitter's goal with the new product is to cut down the number of steps to start sharing videos. After opening the app, users have to click the compose button in the upper right hand corner, and then the camera button below the body of their nascent tweet. The report claims that the company is developing a Snapchat-like tool to popularize video sharing on its network and bring in more users.

CEO Jack Dorsey has referred to Twitter's current video-sharing experience as "confusing", and complimented Snapchat's use of video, which has already been adopted by Facebook.

The tool, which doesn't have a final design or timing for its release, according to Bloomberg's Selina Wang, is meant to attract more users by allowing them to quickly and easily share what's going on directly around them à la Snapchat.

Last November, Twitter doubled its signature 140-character limit to 280 characters, which initially drew the ire of some users.

The reported innovation could be part of Twitter's continual effort to increase its user-base, and profitability. The new feature is available for users who have the redesign in the U.K., Australia, and Canada. First, users will have to swipe left on the camera screen, and they will be introduced to the new Discover page.

However, the bad news for marketers is that Snapchat won't include advertising in the Stories that are shared on other platforms, but could change its mind in the future.

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