Nutella Discount Leads To Brawls In French Grocery Stores

Nutella Discount Leads To Brawls In French Grocery Stores

Nutella Discount Leads To Brawls In French Grocery Stores

"It was like an orgy", one employee in the northeastern town of Forbach told AFP, asking to remain anonymous.

On Thursday, police were called to break up fistfights, and men and women were willing to bloody each other, during brutal riots that broke out throughout the country.

In the scenes reminiscent of Black Friday sales hysteria - the post-Thanksgiving sales day in the United States - bargain hunters were scuffling in stores around France to stock up.

Intermarché supermarkets dropped the price of Nutella from 4.50 Euro to 1.40 Euro, causing fights and scuffles and eventually leading to a police response in order to restore order.

One flabbergasted shopper shared footage of people jostling and pushing each other to get their hands on the discounted Nutella with the message: "Seriously?"

The intermarket chain launched a massive discount on the spread, reducing the price of a 33 and a half ounce jar by nearly 70 percent, from $5.60 to $1.75 a jar.

According to, "riot scenes" were witnessed in stores located in L'Horme, Saint-Chamond and Saint-Cyprien.

"We were trying to get in between the customers but they were pushing us", said one employee, who added the store had sold out of Nutella in just 15 minutes.

A supermarket in Toulouse had to restrict sale of Nutella to one jar per customer.

Ferrero, the maker of the spread, distanced itself from the violence. A spokesperson for the company reveals "we want to clarify that the decision for the special offer was taken unilaterally by Intermarche. We deplore the consequences of this operation that created confusion and disappointment in the minds of consumers", the company said in a statement issued on Twitter.

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