The XFL to return in 2020

The XFL to return in 2020

The XFL to return in 2020

Again, the location is unknown as of now, but this tells us 320 players will be in the XFL come its start in January 2020.

Both he and McCallum spoke Thursday to the CBC about their time in the XFL, and shared their thoughts on the new league. Even after a year of protests, I and everybody I know didn't stop watching football.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon announced the relaunch of the XFL on Thursday.

The XFL is coming back in 2020.

"Guys wanted me to put "Laces Out" on my jersey and walk out on the field with a cigarette in my mouth like the kicker in The Replacements", McCallum said, referring to the movie about a fictional football league. "It wasn't a joke".

Ed Maylon at the London Telegraph slammed the league as the "NFL for Trump supporters" and the far-left Guardian of London sneered the XFL was "the ideal exponent of Trump's America".

The XFL was a spectacular financial failure in its first run, losing McMahon and United States television broadcaster NBC a reported US$70 million. Soon there will be a new league to watch.

However, he stated the new iteration of the league would different drastically from the initial version that prized entertainment and gimmicks over the quality of play.

"I was lucky enough to get the first points in the league", he said. We're there to play football.

Here are 10 things that McMahon said about the XFL that hold some serious weight regarding the league's future.

"The XFL and WWE will have no crossover, unlike the first incarnation when wrestling announcers and personalities such as former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura dominated the football telecast".

"You're not trying to reinvent the wheel", McCallum said.

Conor Orr at Sports Illustrated scoffed that the XFL would be "Alternative Football," characterizing it as "a league that gives us the option of reinforcing our own beliefs and insulating ourselves from the way other people see the world".

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