Apple iPad Pro with Face ID could launch later this year

Apple iPad Pro with Face ID could launch later this year

Apple iPad Pro with Face ID could launch later this year

Apple has released a test version of a Health Records app on the Apple Watch and iPhone this week that gives users full access to their medial records.

Apple confirmed in December that software in its iPhone 6, 6s and SE models, which deals with dangers from ageing batteries, could slow down the phone's performance.

The new feature isn't rolling out to everyone yet, but a pair of local hospital systems will be involved in the pilot, which is the iOS 11.3 beta. This new device is referred to as "modern iPad" in iOS 11.3, when the iPhone X was first discovered in iOS it was listed as "modern iPhone".

iOS 11.3 will not only allow users to check to see if the so-called "power management feature" that limits the maximum power output to prevent unexpected shutdowns is enabled, but will also let them to switch it off.

The beta testers will also receive four new Animoji available for iPhone X. The Health app will have a new feature where users can store their medical records.

The feature is to become part of Apple's popular Health app. Even with the close family ties between macOS and iOS, it is not as straightforward as you would think.

This new feature will not share the contact information of the user with the businesses. With the addition, iPhone X users will have 16 Animoji they can choose from.

The app lets users chat with a service rep, schedule an appointment, or make purchases through Apple Pay without leaving the app.

Also new with iOS 11.3 is a change that makes the home for music videos, with Apple touting uninterrupted ad-free watching, as well as curation of new hits. It's too early to say if the iPad Pro will have the same "notch" design as the iPhone X to house the True Depth camera system, but Twitter user CarlosDLGuerra has produced a render to show what an iPad Pro with Face ID would look like.

Other new iOS 11.3 features will include music video streaming through Apple Music, a new Video group and top-story improvements in Apple News, expanded software authentication for HomeKit, and updated Advanced Mobile Location support for use when calling for emergency services. The iOS 11.3 update will add a battery health meter and offer a user different recommendations when it is time to get your battery checked out.

HomePod, which will be shipping starting February 9th and goes on sale Friday for US$349, will not initially have multi-room audio support.

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