Taliban-claimed Kabul bombing kills at least 95, officials say

The explosion was the third high-profile attack in Afghanistan in a week, and the deadliest this year, highlighting the fragile security situation in the country, more than 16 years after a US invasion ousted the Taliban from power.

With much of central Kabul now a heavily fortified zone of high concrete blast walls and police checkpoints, there were angry questions about how the bomber had been able to get through. It was lunchtime and many people were in the street.

"Most of the victims are civilians", Kabul Police spokesman Basir Mujahid told Stars and Stripes. "It was a awful attack that killed women, children, shopkeepers and visitors to the area".

Emergency Hospital, on the front line of trauma care in Afghanistan and run by an Italian charity, said it received at least 50 injured victims.

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack, which Dejan Panic, a coordinator for Emergency, an worldwide healthcare non-governmental organization that treated some of the victims, called "a massacre".

"Parisians are on the side of the people of Afghanistan who once again are facing barbaric terrorism", Anne Hidalgo wrote.

Kabul. Over 70 wounded, 7 dead on arrival transferred at @emergency_ong Hospital after attack.

Many warned that attacks and bombings would quickly result after Trump's declaration to increase the USA military footprint in Afghanistan, under the guise of fighting terrorism.

But they were stopped by police as they entered the city and five people, including one woman, were arrested.

The Resolute Support mission remains focused on defeating the insurgents in Afghanistan, the commander of the mission said today, following a terrorist bombing in Kabul. On Wednesday a US drone slammed into Pakistani tribal territory that borders Afghanistan killing two Haqqani commanders, according to Pakistani officials, who deny providing organized camps for their safety.

According to the latest updates, 63 killed and 151 wounded in ambulance bombing at Kabul, Afghanistan.

The United States has stepped up its assistance to Afghan security forces and increased its air strikes against the Taliban and other militant groups, aiming to break a stalemate and force the insurgents to the negotiating table.

Saturday is a working day in Afghanistan. The reports are also coming that the ambulance was used to hide the bomb. The Taliban also claimed responsibility for the assault. "North Atlantic Treaty Organisation stands with Afghanistan in our common fight against terrorism", Stoltenberg said in his official Twitter account.

The blast comes a week after a deadly attack on the city's Intercontinental Hotel.

A member of the USA president, Donald Trump electoral campaign was among the people killed in the Taliban's attack on the Intercontinental Hotel, according to reports.

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