NK officials continue inspection of Olympics venues on 2nd day of trip

NK officials continue inspection of Olympics venues on 2nd day of trip

NK officials continue inspection of Olympics venues on 2nd day of trip

The United States supports inter-Korean talks about the Olympics but does not believe it is time to hold negotiations on the North's nuclear weapons program, the State Department said Thursday.

The North Koreans travelled on to a national athletes' village in southern South Korea, where they were welcomed by their South Korean teammates and Canadian coach Sarah Murray, who presented them flower bouquets in an outdoor welcoming ceremony.

The 12 players are comprised of nine forwards, two defenders and a goaltender.

Washington has engineered rounds of global sanctions on North Korea. They include, Kim Ho Kyu, said to be a Ryonbong representative and North Korean vice consul in Nakhodka, Russia.

North Korea may stage an "intimidating" military parade the day before the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, Seoul says, adding that the event could involve large-scale forces and nearly all of Pyongyang's weapons. The designation of more targets for sanctions by the U.S. government appears to be in line with Washington's current position that it will keep up pressure on North Korea until the beginning of denuclearization talks, regardless of inter-Korean dialogue.

The Korean Patriots said during a heated press conference, "The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics is turning into the 'Kim Jong-un's Pyongyang Olympics, ' that effectively recognizes North Korea's nuclear armaments and propagates its regime". But this time, "they heard us out until the end and then subsequently explained their stance".

While North Korea participating at Pyeongchang 2018 has been hailed as a way to ease political tension between the two countries, their appearance in South Korea has not been universally popular. But, the US and South Korea have repeatedly denied those accusations and insisted that these exercises are meant to enhance the combat readiness of their troops.

"We haven't suspended, we're de-conflicting during the period of the Olympics and exercises will continue immediately after the Olympics", McKenzie said Thursday.

President Moon Jae-in's approval rating dropped to its lowest level in four months.

Among those blacklisted were 10 representatives in China and Russian Federation of the Korea Ryonbong General Corporation, which is already designated by the United States and the United Nations and is said to support the North's defense industry.

US Joint Staff Director Lt. Gen. Kenneth F. Mackenzie is reportedly to have said that drills would start "immediately" after the Olympics.

Washington has also led efforts at the UN Security Council to pass multiple rounds of sanctions against Pyongyang in response to their missile and nuclear tests in 2017.

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