Fitness model kicked off plane headed to New York City

Fitness model kicked off plane headed to New York City

Fitness model kicked off plane headed to New York City

American Airlines said in a statement to Travel + Leisure that Selter had been asked to leave the plane after a disagreement ensued and that the airline offered to pay for her hotel accommodations and transportation costs, which she refused.

Selter regularly wows her followers with suggestive photos in which she flaunts her curves and wears revealing clothing. Jen told the crew that she didn't do anything wrong, but another member of the crew standing nearby says that Jen was asked if she'd like to leave the flight and she responded with a yes.

Selter said she got involved in an argument with a flight attendant who told her to remain seated after she stood up to stretch since she had been on a flight from Miami to New York, which had been delayed for two hours, according to CBS New York.

'People kept coming up to me.

Jen Selter, 24, was kicked off an American Airlines flight on Saturday.

According to airline representatives, Selter later boarded another American Airlines flight on Sunday back to NY. I've seen cops come onto flights.

Selter was flying to New York City from Miami with her sister. It is unclear if the fellow passenger was traveling with her or not. "You're harassing her", the man said.

Another clip shows the woman and her sister exiting the plane. "I was obviously being sarcastic", Selter said.

Jen Selter attracts nearly 12million Instagram followers.

She shared a video having left the plane, captioned: "I did nothing wrong but got kicked off the plane". "I just want to be clear that we were on the plane at the gate for 2 plus hours because of a MECHANICAL issue which had nothing to do with me", she wrote.

Instagram fitness model Jen Selter shared a turbulent series of videos on social media on Saturday after she was removed from a delayed flight.

Some of her fans on Twitter are giving her some support, while others say that "there are two sides to every story". "But they shouldn't kick people of unless something is actually risky", reported Page Six.

The model also shared a video of another passenger, who she said made a decision to get off the plane after seeing how Selter was treated.

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