Michigan State legend Magic Johnson calls for firings amid scandal

Michigan State legend Magic Johnson calls for firings amid scandal

Michigan State legend Magic Johnson calls for firings amid scandal

The investigation began previous year, Schuette's office said, but the scope and makeup of the probe wasn't announced until Saturday, during a week in which Nassar was sentenced to state prison and two top officials stepped down. Klages asked her gymnasts, some of whom say they were assaulted by Nassar, to sign a card for him.

Michigan State University has been accused of covering up a plethora of sexual assault claims involving the athletic department, including several sexual assault and domestic violence accusations against Michigan State football and basketball players.

The fallout has prompted many to demand accountability from the institutions who employed Nassar, including USA Gymnastics.

Immediately following that event, the Attorney General and William Forsyth, sent a letter to the MSU Board of Trustees regarding the handling of the Larry Nassar case and related incidents at MSU.

Also on Friday, Michigan State University athletic director Mark Hollis announced that he was retiring.

However, there have been some notable resignations at the university since Nassar's sentencing.

The patient, Amanda Thomashow, received an abbreviated version of the 2014 report, which found that Nassar's conduct wasn't sexual in nature and therefore didn't violate the school's sexual harassment policy.

Amanda Thomashow, then 24, filed the first official report in March 2014 after she saw Nassar for treatment for hip pain due to an old cheerleading injury.

In light of the sentencing of Larry Nassar, a former Team USA gymnastics and Michigan State doctor who had more than 150 women give victim impact statements during his sexual assault trial which led to a 175 year prison sentence, ESPN's Outside the Lines released a report detailing a troubling history at the school.

This crime and the testimonies surrounding it not only devastated those at Michigan State, but also its alumni, including Green. Parents of worldwide students - many of whom pay full-freight tuition - probably have less emotional attachment to Michigan State University than native Michiganders and could be more sensitive to unflattering reports about the university.

At least 12 more survivors will either speak or have testimony read into the record, said Okemos-based attorney Mick Grewal, who represents 70 women in civil suits against Nassar, MSU and others.

Nassar is now behind bars in Ingham County, but he won't be there for long - he must first serve a 60-year sentence for a child pornography conviction in federal prison. "It touches everybody in a different way, whether you're a supporter and it just kills your pride or you're a victim and you're going through the things you're going through". "They fear being met with victim-blaming, ostracization, and being forced to leave the team".

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