Generals to join US Olympic delegation to South Korea

Generals to join US Olympic delegation to South Korea

Generals to join US Olympic delegation to South Korea

Greeted by a barrage of camera flashes, the North Koreans - men dressed in navy blue coats and women in red coats, both wearing fur hats - didn't speak much at the South Korean airport and later at the athletes' village in Gangneung.

Russian Federation said Thursday it wants 33 athletes to go to the Paralympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang where they will compete under a neutral flag as the country remains suspended following revelations of state-sponsored doping.

Officials will hand out a total of 110,000 condoms to this year's athletes. It's all athletes! In the mountain village, it's all athletes. There is also a large selection of shops.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula remained volatile throughout 2017, as the DPRK conducted its sixth nuclear test and the United States conducted large-scale military drills with South Korea, sending aircraft carrier groups, strategic bombers, nuclear submarines and other strategic assets there. Donning ice skates for the occasion, Larson talks about the opportunity the public has to glide on Olympic ice at the Lake Placid Oval, to create one's own Olympic-sized memories. Since then, the stockpiling has increased.

He represented the country in the 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014 Winter Olympics.

Interestingly, the mass stockpiling of condoms could be in response to the emergence and availability of dating apps.

A Vatican delegation attended the opening of the Summer Olympics in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, but this was the first time a Vatican delegation was also invited to attend an annual session of the Olympic committee.

Travelers can reduce the risk of being hacked overseas by taking simple steps to protect their personal devices, such as disabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when they're not needed, using strong passwords to safeguard their accounts and avoiding public or unsecured wireless networks, US-CERT warned.

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