Katherine Lockler, Nurse in Florida, Actually Bugged by Flu

Katherine Lockler, Nurse in Florida, Actually Bugged by Flu

Katherine Lockler, Nurse in Florida, Actually Bugged by Flu

After a 12-hour night shift, nurse Katherine Lockler was so frustrated with the way some people have handled the outbreak that she recorded a video from her vehicle.

In a video, which has been seen very almost 5 million times on Facebook, Katherine Lockler of Milton, Fla., shares her dissatisfaction over how people have taken care of the unusually brutal flu season. Lockler encourages people to wash their hands, and not to bring healthy kids to the ER.

"I saw a father with a little child creeping on the floor in the emergency room and I moved toward him and I stated, 'Hello father, I don't feel that that is an insightful choice, your kid is being presented to some extremely very bad germs on this emergency room floor, '" Lockler said. "Also, on the off chance that you don't have what I call a true emergency, this would not be an opportunity to go to the emergency room".

Flu season can be taxing for all of us, but it's especially hard for medical professionals who battle the virus itself not to mention a total lack of flu knowledge by the general population.

So what has gotten Escambia County nurse Katherine Lockler so frustrated?

Lockler noted that there were "25 to 30 patients sitting for hours in the emergency room waiting room", some of which were not even medical emergencies.

Part of what's made the almost seven-minute-long video so polarizing was the sarcastic inflection and animated facial expressions and gestures Lockler used at times to get her point across. "It's great. They'll be back". By going to the hospital, they're exposing themselves to the flu. "Watch this - I'm going to teach you all a magic trick". Lockler stated, before putting on a show to sniffle into her arm as an exhibition on the most proficient method to confine the spreading of germs. Because the flu is a cesspool of funky flu at the ER right now. So guess what? Five flus came in, 15 flus walk out.

"I think there's a little bit of sarcasm in my voice because the instructions were given so many times and they were not received well", Lockler told TCPalm.

Katherine Lockler has worked as a nurse for 10 years.

It may sound like she's talking down to her audience, but that wasn't her intention, Lockler told the Pensacola News Journal.

In the almost seven-minute video, she also discusses easy flu prevention methods. "Glad you're educating people and everything you said is true". She went on to apologize to anyone offended by her tone, but insists that regardless of how she may have come off the message is still "right on the money".

In an interview with TCPalm, Lockler gave another example to expose some of the foolish business she's seen this flu season in the ER.

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