Stormy Daniels denies Trump affair but plays coy later

Stormy Daniels denies Trump affair but plays coy later

Stormy Daniels denies Trump affair but plays coy later

I'm sure they haven't had sex in, you know, years, since Barron, ' the host concluded.

Kimmel then tried to get Daniels to admit she does have a non-disclosure agreement, saying that if she didn't, she "certainly could say, 'I don't have a non-disclosure agreement'". However, while speaking to Jimmy Kimmel that night, following Trump's State of the Union address, the porn star implied that she may not have had anything to do with the document.

The adult-film actress was equally vague in answering the rest of Kimmel's questions about whether she has an NDA, and how the president compares to three differently sized carrots.

Aides to Mrs. Trump say that she is focusing on her role and her family.

At the beginning of the show, Kimmel asked Daniels about the statement. "I'd love to see someone interview her".

Mr Trump's lawyer has also issued a denial of an affair with the adult film star.

Due to a possible nondisclosure agreement, Stormy Daniels couldn't give too much info, but when Jimmy Kimmel painted a picture of the affair with Trump, she quickly grew disgusted. Cohen also released a statement signed by "Stormy Daniels" denying there had been an affair and calling reports of a payment "completely false".

He then outright asked her if she had signed the recent statement, which became public hours before her scheduled appearance on the show.

"If you did not have a nondisclosure agreement, you could say that you did not have a nondisclosure agreement", he replied. Theoretically, Kimmel and Daniels had a lot to talk about.

When Daniels agreed that the signature on Tuesday's statement didn't look the same, Kimmel asked her whether she knew where the statement came from.

Clifford made headlines earlier this month after The Wall Street Journal published a report stating that Trump's lawyer had arranged for her to be paid $130,000 to keep quiet about an affair the two had in 2006.

The statement circulated on Twitter - the one Daniels said she had no idea about - denied any sexual relationship between her and Trump. When Kimmel started to read the transcript, Daniels interrupted, "I thought this was a talk show, not a horror movie".

Throughout the rest of the interview, Daniels found many more ways to cutely avoid answering Kimmel's pointed questions, and Kimmel got even more creative in his interrogation.

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