DC politicians to Trump on military parade: 'Tanks but No Tanks!'

DC politicians to Trump on military parade: 'Tanks but No Tanks!'

DC politicians to Trump on military parade: 'Tanks but No Tanks!'

The proposed parade, she says, reeks of what a third-world dictator would want. "We'll send them up to the White House for a decision".

Yes, it would cost money to move the equipment to Washington for the parade, but the military moves equipment every day, and Pennsylvania Avenue is in need of repaving regardless of whether the parade takes place.

Mattis was asked by reporters how much a military parade would cost, and why the Pentagon should divert any resources to it. "He has asked the Department of Defense to explore a celebration at which all Americans can show their appreciation".

"Parades like this remind me of that old Texas saying about a braggart, saying he was 'all hat and no cattle, '" Stavridis told the network.

When Mr Trump met with the French President Emmanuel Macron in September, the commander-in-chief gushed about seeing France's military might on display in the streets when he watched the Bastille Day parade with his French counterpart in July.

Last month, Donald Trump-who has, as of yet, not done anything of substance military- ordered the Pentagon to start making plans for a military parade in Washington, D.C., which will cost millions and, as best I can tell, serve no earthly objective except making the president of the United States feel powerful.

It is expected that the Army Military District of Washington, which oversees some military activities in the city, will be designated to coordinate parade planning, according to a senior defense official.

The 1991 parade - with thousands of soldiers who fought in the war march alongside armored vehicles and a flyover of around 100 aircraft - cost about $12 million. "The President is exploring different ways that he could highlight and show the pride we have in the military, people that have served and sacrificed to allow us all the freedoms we have".

Senator John Kennedy, R-La., said the us doesn't need to "show off" its military power.

More: Trump's military parade is not a new idea. While the details of the location are still being sussed out, Trump is pushing for the same route as his inaugural parade which, if you've forgotten, wound up being a giant commercial for the Washington, DC, Trump Hotel.

Reportedly, Trump was inspired to have this event after witnessing France's annual Bastille Day celebration.

President Donald Trump is pushing for a grand military parade, which is confirmed to be in the early stages of planning.

The Senate Democratic whip, Dick Durbin of IL, said he wouldn't attend such a parade.

WELNA: A parade down Pennsylvania Avenue, he adds, is always a good thing to have.

Beyer is particularly concerned that if the parade follows the same route as Trump's inaugural parade, as suggested, it could take heavy equipment over the deteriorating Memorial Bridge, which is now undergoing major repairs.

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