Emojis: New list includes a redhead at last

Emojis: New list includes a redhead at last

Emojis: New list includes a redhead at last

King - Maine's mustached, independent senator, as well as outspoken lobster advocate and owner of the best Instagram account in Congress, who frequently sports his various lobster ties in the Capitol - celebrated the decision Wednesday.

But alas, lobster aficionados won't be able to use the emoji just yet.

The senator wrote to Unicode requesting a lobster emoji in September 2017 and cited the importance of the animal on Maine's culture and economy.

For more details, take a look at Emojipedia's rundown on Emoji 11.0 and check out the video below.

King signed the tweet with cow (Angus) and crown (King) emojis.

The final list for Emoji 11.0 has been finalized and it features 157 new emoji.

Senator Angus King of ME responds to questions about Russia's alleged meddling with social media to affect election results in the U.S.at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing in November 2017. The Unicode Emoji Subcommittee determines which characters will become part of the official emoji lexicon, creating a uniform code that can be used across platforms.

For the first time, Emoji 11.0 includes options for hair color and style on different emoji.

Campaigns surrounding emojis have occurred in the past.

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