South Africa's ANC Postpones NEC Meeting on Zuma's Future

South Africa's ANC Postpones NEC Meeting on Zuma's Future

South Africa's ANC Postpones NEC Meeting on Zuma's Future

Ramaphosa replaced the president as leader of the ruling African National Congress in December.

Mr Ramaphosa said that postponing a meeting on Wednesday of top ANC officials would "enable President Zuma and myself to conclude our the coming days". "We want to ensure that we are not involved in motions of no-confidence, or impeachment that will affect our party". We can not condone or allow Zuma to escape accountability for breaking his oath of office and putting his friends and family above the best interests of the people of South Africa.

"Zuma basically said to us: 'I'm not going anywhere".

The reports come after Ramaphosa on Wednesday asked South Africans to remain calm while they discuss pertinent issues with President Zuma. "'What is this thing, transition that you are talking about?' So we say no you see, it's a handing over of power from you to Cyril [Ramaphosa]", he said, followed by laughter from the delegates.

When National Assembly speaker Baleka Mbete announced the postponement on Tuesday, it was as a decision "in the best interest of parliament and the country", and in an effort "to create room for establishing a much more conducive political atmosphere in parliament".

If the committee agrees to recall Mr Zuma, the BBC's Andrew Harding says, it would be very hard for him to resist.

The ANC's 249-member parliamentary caucus will have its own discussion on the future of President Jacob Zuma on Thursday morning, following the news that he had agreed to vacate his office.

Sasfin fixed-income trader Alvin Chawasema said non-residents have so far shrugged off the impasse between Zuma and Ramphosa, having been net buyers of bonds for a second day in a row.

A protracted and messy exit for Zuma won't go down well with investors, who are counting on Ramaphosa to fulfil his pledge to revive the flagging economy, create greater policy certainty and clamp down on the alleged corruption that's characterised Zuma's administration. The NEC meeting could have voted for the removal of Zuma.

With Sona called off indefinitely, the ANC uncustomarily held its first caucus meeting on Thursday to be briefed about developments surrounding a negotiated exit for President Zuma.

"It's a routine meeting of cabinet committees, there is no special cabinet meeting going on", said Ngqulunga.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation has also urged him to step down.

In previous years, opposition lawmakers have shouted Mr Zuma down and been ejected from parliament by security guards in chaotic scenes.

A Zulu royal house insider told the BusinessDay newspaper that Zuma had refused a request from the Zulu king on Monday that he resign.

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