'Tom Brady is human after all!'

'Tom Brady is human after all!'

'Tom Brady is human after all!'

Gisele admitted that she tried to talk her husband into retiring after the Patriots pulled off their wild comeback against the Falcons in Super Bowl LI. As time expired, Philadelphia secured their first #Super Bowl win in franchise history. If the game is close in the fourth quarter, Brady will undoubtedly be looking for Amendola - and odds are, he'll deliver. He stayed hot for the next seven games, throwing 16 touchdowns and three interceptions while completing passes at a rate a tick under 70 percent.

On target passes to receiver Alshon Jefferey and tight Zach Ertz, kept the drive alive.

Who needs mood-elevating pharmaceuticals when you can watch Tom Brady sit like a befuddled baby in the middle of a mash while his fully inflated ball takes a hike the other way? Stephen Gostkowski connected on a field goal to make it 3-3. He led the National Football League in pass attempts and yards. However, Elliott shanked the extra point.

The Eagles (15-3) have a multidimensional, ball-control offense capable of chewing the clock and forcing No. 12 to be a spectator.

The Patriots have built an extreme confidence through five Super Bowl-winning seasons under Brady and Belichick and are disciplined when other teams get discombobulated, like last month when they sniffed out Ben Roethlisberger's fake spike and intercepted him in the end zone, reshaping the AFC playoff picture.

Matthew Slater, the Patriots veteran special teams maven and one of the class acts in their locker room, said he wished fans would not paint the Patriots with a broad brush. The Philadelphia Eagles swear they won't fall into that trap if they have the chance in Super Bowl 52.

For them, Brady's four-game suspension a year ago after an NFL investigation found "substantial and credible evidence" that Brady knew Patriots employees were deflating footballs (allegedly the way he liked them) wasn't enough. And the number one feeling I have had the past 4 days is gratitude. Foles tossed a touchdown pass to Zach Ertz, who helped increase the score to 38-33. In doing so, he becomes just the fifth player in National Football League history to win the award three or more times.

Brady was sacked by Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham, with the fumble recovered by Derek Barnett. But meanwhile, have you ever seen a more attractive quarterback, inside and out, than Nick Foles? Brady can win his sixth Super Bowl title in his eighth appearance, making him the player with the most Super Bowl titles in history.

505 yards not enough for the G.O.A.T. But Brady can't throw if he doesn't have time and the Eagles have a dominant front four led by Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham.

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