US House, Senate seek spending deals as another government shutdown looms

US House, Senate seek spending deals as another government shutdown looms

US House, Senate seek spending deals as another government shutdown looms

Afghan war will cost B in 2018 MORE said that he would allow debate on DACA legislation if the issue was not addressed in another spending bill.

The pushback was strong enough that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who was involved in negotiating the compromise, was so moved by the frustration when she presented the deal to her caucus that she took the House floor for a record-breaking eight hours straight on Wednesday, reading stories of DACA recipients.

"Without a commitment from Speaker Ryan comparable to the commitment from Leader McConnell, this package does not have my support", Pelosi said in a statement. She delivered a marathon monologue focused on secure protections for the young immigrants who brought to the U.S. illegally as children.

The 77 year old democrat delivered her marathon speech standing wearing 4-inch heels and sipping nothing but water.

But top Democrats said they weren't corralling rank-and-file representatives to oppose the budget pact, leading some of the party's immigration advocates to question the forcefulness of her opposition.

"I read a bunch of quotes today in the - in the news accounts that they are not sure what [Pelosi] got for that, and that they are very disappointed", Conway noted.

Meanwhile in the Senate, leaders announced a major bipartisan budget deal that would add more than $300 billion in federal spending over the next two years, but notably excluded any of the immigration-related issues that have roiled Congress for months.

Where the House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi has been speaking for almost seven hours straight.

"I think the fact that you have not heard from the Democratic Party, the Democratic caucus, from Democratic Party offices, you would think that there'd be hashtags galore supporting this effort - this unprecedented effort from Nancy Pelosi", Rep. Luis Gutierrez told reporters.

Donald Trump has expressed a desire to protect Dreamers, but only if there are also measures to strengthen border enforcement, fund a border wall and restrict the legal immigration system.

When 5 p.m. rolled around, the House minority leader had been speaking for some eight hours, but it wasn't just the record-setting length of her speech that captured the country's attention - it was also her shoes.

"Under California law she would still be able to go to school, but her employer-if I was representing them {and if her permit expired}-I would have to tell them that they would be well advised to let her go because they now have someone working for them who is not authorized", says Cook.

At the same time, McConnell was on the floor, House Speaker Paul Ryan was telling his members behind closed doors that the agreement has been reached, according to a member in the room.

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