Germany's Merkel Reportedly Forges Governing Coalition After Weeks Of Talks

Germany's Merkel Reportedly Forges Governing Coalition After Weeks Of Talks

Germany's Merkel Reportedly Forges Governing Coalition After Weeks Of Talks

Under the terms of the deal struck between Merkel and Schulz earlier this week, the SPD will keep the foreign ministry it held in the last government and also take over the finance ministry from the CDU.

Mrs Merkel has handed all the top ministries in Germany, including finance and foreign, to the SPD - the price the party demanded to form a government with her following an indecisive general election a year ago which saw her party's majority slashed by the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany upstarts.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's hoped-for fourth government suffered a first defeat Friday before even being sworn in, as prospective foreign minister Martin Schulz stepped back after a series of U-turns.

Under the coalition agreement, the SPD will retain control of the foreign, justice and labour ministries among others.

"I hereby forgo joining the federal government", Schulz announced, adding, "at the same time, I sincerely hope that this will end the personnel debates within the SPD".

September's general election was a disaster for the party, however.

"Angela Merkel has succeeded, she will remain chancellor if the SPD members vote for the coalition deal".

SPD members will vote on the final coalition deal between February 20 and March 2.

A breakthrough was finally announced on Wednesday, with major concessions given to the SPD.

The new coalition will put the far-right Alternative for Germany, the third-largest party in the German parliament, known as the Bundestag, in the opposition.

"We shouldn't only talk about how we want to shape the next four years in Germany but also what the CDU will stand for in future, which topics we can win elections with in the next 10 years and people go along with topics", he said.

"What's left is regret at how little respect there is in the Social Democratic Party in our dealings with one another, and how little someone's word counts for", Gabriel told the Funke newspaper group.

The SPD's traditional left-wing youth organization, Jusos, have opposed a coalition government with the Christian Democrats, and called for reform within the party.

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