UN Security Council considers demand for 30-day Syria ceasefire

UN Security Council considers demand for 30-day Syria ceasefire

UN Security Council considers demand for 30-day Syria ceasefire

Additionally, Turkey has threatened to launch a military operation against Manbij, Syria, a place where United States troops do work with local Kurdish and Arab fighters. New layers of complexity are descending on a shifting battlefield, as demonstrated by a deadly barrage of American air and artillery strikes on a shadowy attacker.

It said the assault reflects the "dirty US intentions against Syria's sovereignty and territorial unity".

A U.S. official said late Wednesday that more than 100 forces loyal to Bashar Assad, were killed in the attack by the US-backed SDF in Deir Ezzor province. But Trump administration critics disagreed.

Damascus called the attack a war crime, while the Russian military asserted that Washington's true goal is to capture "economic assets" in Syria.

Russian Federation is the regime's main ally on the ground in Syria and in the worldwide arena, frequently using its permanent seat on the Security Council to provide Damascus with diplomatic cover within the global community.

Mattis rejected Kaine's suggestion the USA is being drawn into a broader war.

Defence Secretary James Mattis said Thursday that the United States (US) is not "getting engaged in the Syrian civil war, China's Xinhua News Agency reported".

US Marines firing a howitzer in Syria. "Pro-regime forces initiated what appeared to be a coordinated attack on Syrian Democratic Forces east of the Euphrates River deconfliction line".

The US-led anti-ISIS coalition bombarded Syrian Arab Army and allied pro-government forces in the province of Deir Ezzor killing many army officers on the night of Wednesday to Thursday.

This is essentially the Islamic State's last stand in Syria, having ceded most of its Syrian and Iraqi territory over the past couple of years.

The Russian Defense Ministry reported that it had no military personnel in the area. It sees them as an existential threat to Turkey.

White noted one SDF soldier was wounded, and there were no coalition casualties.

Kurdish forces in northern Syria pardoned roughly 400 former members of ISIL in early January, adding some of them to the ranks of a USA -backed group, Russia's ambassador to the United Nations charged Thursday.

As part of that mission, the United States has armed and trained the SDF to combat ISIS. Whatever group wins out - the government, rebels or extremists such as IS - would be far less equipped than the USA to maintain stability, the American argument goes.

On Wednesday, US forces claimed that they attacked Syrian forces "in self-defense".

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