Kim Cattrall calls out Sarah Jessica Parker for 'exploiting' brother's death

Kim Cattrall calls out Sarah Jessica Parker for 'exploiting' brother's death

Kim Cattrall calls out Sarah Jessica Parker for 'exploiting' brother's death

"Thank you for reaching out", Cattrall posted on her Instagram - suggesting Nixon had called the 61-year-old rather than posting on social media.

"I can't begin to know how her family is managing such a loss", Parker said in a red carpet interview. "So people, I'm sure, were like, 'What do you think of what happened with Kim's brother?' And she simply and concisely expressed her condolences", Cohen said. You are not my friend.

Cattrall rejected the message, writing that Parker was "exploiting our tragedy in order to restore your "nice girl" persona".

And thus, the feud was back on. Their onscreen equation with each other and with the other two ladies, Cynthia Nixon and Kristen Davis is one of the best memories we have of the 90s show.

Cattrall had been vocal in the past few months that she did not want to return for a hypothetical third Sex and the City movie, then lashed out at Parker with a direct message posted on her Instagram. According to the New York Post: "Running up to the end of the series, there were stories filtering into Page Six nearly weekly about the on-set tensions".

Other accounts then replied with their stories of Kim's behaviour, with one revealing that on the set of The Ice Princess, Kim "would come around to the extra's table/section & speak with us".

You ever seen the movie Mean Girls?

Now would be a great time for the rest of the Sex and the City cast to log on and keep this drama rolling.

The actress also linked underneath to a from 2017 about the "Mean Girls culture", which was responsible for ending the Sex and City franchise. Go watch that movie.

Last September Parker announced there would be no third Sex and the City film.

It looked like this feud died a long time ago. The actresses reprised their roles in the Sex and the City films. We didn't want the first two. Personally I think SJP was 'damned if she did and damned if she didn't.' If she didn't say anything I'm sure she would have been criticized for being cold to Kim at this hard time, and if she said anything she was accused of exploitation. "Look whatever's going on, I don't give a f-k", said Winters, who has also played the ex-boyfriend of Liz Lemon on 30 Rock.

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