Valentine's Day Pet Spending Expected to be Big this Year

Valentine's Day Pet Spending Expected to be Big this Year

Valentine's Day Pet Spending Expected to be Big this Year

Happy Valentine's Day to all! A box of chocolates? While you're there, get some great Trader Joe's goodies or even pick up dinner and a great bottle of wine. How about some fishing lures?

The most romantic age group were the 26 to 35-year-olds, who accounted for 38 per cent of all florist spending and 36 per cent of all restaurant spending.

Traditional gifts of greeting cards, flowers and an evening out all round out the top gifts for this year's holiday.

"The recipient is a insane fishing guy so his wife thought she'd put them in a bouquet", Mrs Swift said.

Roses will never ever get out of date.

"For Valentines' Day, we order and sell about three times as many flowers as usual", one florist told The Malta Independent.

It's Valentine's Day, which means many Americans will be out shopping for that special someone. By being diligent, that floral arrangement can last for several days. If your flowers arrived without a vase, find one that's tall enough to hold the bouquet, wash it thoroughly and then rinse well. The employees of the Fresh Flower Market in Aurora design romantic displays from a delivery of more than 4,000 roses, February 7.

"There's definitely a surge in demand for jewelry", said Lochead, describing how business goes. We ordered a dozen pink roses from Price Chopper in order to stay as close as possible to our price range. "We think we're not that busy but the orders are coming through on the computer".

After owning the business for the past 14 years, the request for some lures in a bouquet was new. "We design our collection and determine what are the actual flower arrangements and bouquets that we'll be selling", said Brittany Graunke, CEO of Flowers For Dreams. He loves arranging flowers, preferably tropical bouquets or hydrangeas, but since retirement he rarely works except for at Hossini's store around Valentine's Day.

"The problem with the whole system is there was more than one dictionary", McKinley said. This has been a little secret gem for 20 years, with the locals loving the arrangements and the customer service here. She explained that throughout the day, people come at all hours, and although roses are the most popular, they are not the only item which is sought after.

"It's a lot of last minute guys and a majority of it is over the phone for deliveries", Mrs Swift said.

Generally speaking, most people aren't prepared and tomorrow will be insane for the florist.

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