With help from her family, Chloe Kim makes snowboarding history at Olympics

With help from her family, Chloe Kim makes snowboarding history at Olympics

With help from her family, Chloe Kim makes snowboarding history at Olympics

But the 17-year-old delivered on the biggest stage, earning her first Olympic gold medal in women's snowboard halfpipe on Tuesday morning in South Korea.

The 33-year-old revealed in Pyeongchang that she turns to top male Norwegian skiers Aksel Lund Svindal and Kjetil Jansrud for dating advice.

Competitors and support staff have put their profiles on dating/hook-up app Tinder, along with visiting journalists and many others in South Korea for the Olympics.

"To just quit work and travel with your kid full-time, leaving your wife behind and really chasing this dream because your kid is really passionate about this sport, I'm always so thankful for that", she said.

The teenager, who has melted the hearts of home fans in Pyeongchang thanks to her ever-ready smile and Korean heritage, justified her status as the hot favourite with an eye-popping top score of 98.25. But Kim pulled a trick at the bottom of her run, suggesting that she means it when she says that she snowboards not to win, but for fun.

"I'm so happy I was able to land and being here is so exciting, this has been a dream of mine". "I think that was very comforting for me".

It's been a long road for the Kim family, and one that's brought them full circle in the most satisfying of ways.

Kim, who has South Korean parents, became the first woman to score a flawless 100 score in the halfpipe in 2016 and has won three X Games gold medals.

Their paths first crossed in the lift line at Mammoth Mountain when Kim was eight. Back in 2014, she couldn't go to Sochi because she was too young. "It was pretty cute".

A few women successfully landed the trick, but none could match Kim's score.

She drilled her opening set, throwing in a 1080 - basically, three twists high above the pipe - before following it with a pair of flips (or "corks").

The media glare and global acclaim in Pyeongchang is likely to far exceed anything Kim has experienced before.

But as she edges forward towards the halfpipe, listening to music on her headphones as she approaches the steep funnel with 22ft (6.7m) walls rising on either side, Kim's mind will be on one thing only. "She's handled success and pressure with grace and class, and it's refreshing". Snowboarding, for her, is about the joy of expression as much as the pursuit of medals. "You know, two people could do the same trick but make it look completely different, and I think that's what is so lovely about snowboarding".

They aren't as good as humans, but watch out! I don't know, It's just so unique and I think that's something really cool about it.

"In this competition there were some weird calls by the technical specialist so I don't know exactly what they have seen".

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