The Walking Dead season 8

The Walking Dead season 8

The Walking Dead season 8

Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie on the hit zombie series, has been negotiating with AMC ever since her contract expired at the end of filming Season 8.

The English/American talent, 36, just landed a leading role on the ABC pilot Whiskey Cavalier and has yet to lock down a contract for TWD season nine, strongly suggesting the star might not return to the post-apocalyptic series.

What's at stake is apparently a higher paycheck, which would make sense for the actress, who's been with the series since the beginning of season two.

Earlier this month The Hollywood Reporter reported Cohan was 'actively looking for her next role and [was] getting offers left and right'.

Having starred on the show since the second season, Cohan asked for a raise to put her on the same playing field as male leads Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus, but AMC did not acquiesce to her demands. Different THR sources, however, insist that "AMC has made "aggressive offers" to re-sign Cohan for season nine".

It had been speculated that Cohan was only taking pilot offers in order to force AMC's hand in the negotiation process, but this news shows that she's more than willing to move on. And if we're being honest, Whiskey and Fiery will likely end up in a will-they-won't-they romantic tangle if the show goes to series.

The Walking Dead returns from mid-season hiatus this Sunday, February 24. Negotiations picked back up with AMC, however, and it looked like they might meet some kind of a deal for the upcoming Season 9 and beyond, but nothing's changed.

The dramedy pilot stars Scandal's Scott Foley and follows an Federal Bureau of Investigation agent and a CIA agent who are paired up to lead a new intra-agency team.

In the show she finally settled on, Whiskey Cavalier, she will play a tough, cunning Central Intelligence Agency agent in a task force with her Federal Bureau of Investigation counterpart, played by Scandal hunk Scott Foley.

The show is being written by Dave Hemingson.

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