Answers to Trump's tweets on Russian Federation probe

Answers to Trump's tweets on Russian Federation probe

Answers to Trump's tweets on Russian Federation probe

The officials said Wednesday the sanctions process moves slowly for legal reasons and can not react to bad headlines and criticism. It's arduous. It's not pretty. In addition, the administration can claim "a boost in funding for the European Reassurance Initiative, a security program that began under Obama; the development of new, low-yield nuclear capabilities to deter Russian nuclear attack; upgrades for missile defenses; and an approval of Montenegro's bid to join North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, which had been in the works for years".

"In order to carry out their activities to interfere in US political and electoral processes without detection of their Russian affiliation, Defendants conspired to obstruct the lawful functions of the United States government through fraud and deceit (...)", the indictment read.

In an initial tweet, Trump misspelled the name of his own attorney general, Jeff Sessions; he later sent a follow-up post correcting the error. It also charges that McCabe told the committee the October 2016 surveillance warrant for former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page wouldn't have been granted without the dossier, though Democrats say that's skewing his testimony.

Trump is also angry that Sessions removed himself from overseeing the Justice Department's probe because of his own 2016 contacts with Russia's ambassador to Washington.

Mueller's indictment charged 13 Russian individuals and three Russian companies in a plot to interfere in the 2016 presidential election through a social media propaganda effort that included online ad purchases using US aliases and politicking on USA soil. That the indictments reveal that a Texas-based grassroots organization unwittingly supplied Russians with basic information on our electoral system is a reminder that this is a local as well as a national issue.

During the presidential campaign, Trump described Putin as a "strong leader" and promised warmer ties with Russian Federation. Most doubt that the Russians produced fake news to try and help Donald Trump win.

While Trump and even some Democrats have criticized the Obama administration for not speaking up enough on Russia's actions before the election, Obama did take some steps to reprimand the country.

President Trump's attempts to convince Americans that Russia's interference in the 2016 election was a giant "hoax" has taken a beating lately.

In regard to the reports on Russian meddling in the United States election: American democracy was hijacked long ago by money and powerful interests, turning it into what amounts to a system of legalized corruption. Among these actions, additional funding for USA army help in energy exports to Eastern Europe, support of the sanctions imposed by the Obama administration, aid to Ukraine with weapons and other.

Yet he has repeatedly denied that Russian Federation was behind any meddling, going so far in November as to suggest that he believed President Vladimir V Putin's denials of interference over the conclusions of American intelligence agencies. Former federal prosecutor Joseph diGenova said on "The Laura Ingraham Show" that millions of Americans share Trump's frustration.

Taking to Twitter, Trump said that the meddling occurred while Obama was in office and asked why his predecessor didn't intervene.

Trump had to have seen that the Russian campaign of sowing disruption and distrust would create a factor that he could exploit in his campaign.

In another tweet, Trump said, "I have been much tougher on Russian Federation than Obama, just look at the facts".

Schiff, appearing on CNN Sunday, said he "all along...thought the Obama administration should have done more".

Mueller's team has also leveraged a guilty plea from former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn for making false statements to FBI investigators. That being the case, how could Mueller not bring charges?

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