Vivo shows off concept smartphone with pop-up camera and in-display speakers

Vivo shows off concept smartphone with pop-up camera and in-display speakers

Vivo shows off concept smartphone with pop-up camera and in-display speakers

The feature has been developed in order to minimise bezel space on phones and maximise screens space.

Instead of being embedded in the bezel, the earpiece vibrates the screen so it can be used as a speaker.

Between a fingerprint sensor and a front camera, the bigger dilemma smartphone manufacturers face is where to place the camera lens. The phone's screen spends the entire body, and one question comes to mind, "where are the earpiece and front camera?" But that doesn't mean you would have trouble with phone calls. The Verge tested the sound quality in a demo video and said it was nothing exceptional in terms of quality, but that it got the job done.

In January Vivo unveiled the world's first phone with an in-display fingerprint scanner. This marks towards the half-screen fingerprint sensor which means the bottom half of the device will be a fingerprint scanner.

Unfortunately, anyone hoping to get their hands on this phone will need to wait.

The phone contains a traditional loudspeaker at the bottom also, and a dual-camera setup which seems more or less inspired by iPhone 8/ 8 Plus. The futuristic design innovations in APEXTM are only a fraction of our innovation pipeline.

The Vivo Apex also experiments with vibrating panels to generate sound for calls and media, which once again is a response to the lack of bezel space for the ear speaker. Since it is a concept phone, it won't hit the stores in the near future.

A fingerprint reader on any smartphone is such a norm these days; the companies like Vivo have already been innovative and trying out different perspectives on this tech to integrate in/on or under the screen for unlocking the device.

That is actually just one of the few problems that the Vivo APEX concept phone tries to address. This technology transforms the bottom half of the screen into fingerprint scanning area.

Vivo made a prototype that does three very cool things. Together with the hidden proximity sensor and ambient light sensor, this eliminates the space taken up by conventional front cameras, while offering the same selfie experience to users. Contrary to the bezel-less smartphones, this device design and technology helps conserves power and reduces sound leakage thereby optimizing the low to high pitch sound for a more balanced audio experience. From breakthroughs in audio, photography to In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology - Vivo has remained committed towards defining the future of smartphones through disruptive designs.

See the Verge's hands-on with the device below. I hope to see this concept in a real product soon.

What do you think of the company's latest concept phone?

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