ICE arrests more than 150 in San Francisco area

ICE arrests more than 150 in San Francisco area

ICE arrests more than 150 in San Francisco area

Federal officials said Tuesday they arrested more than 150 undocumented immigrants in a Northern California sweep aimed at countering local sanctuary laws, while suggesting Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf's decision to alert the public to the secret operation may have allowed some targets to elude capture.

The Department of Justice is looking into possible obstruction charges against the mayor of a sanctuary city in California who warned illegal immigrants of an impending raid. ICE said about half have criminal convictions in addition to their immigration violation.

Schaaf, a Democrat, posted the warning to Twitter Saturday, writing that "multiple credible sources" told her the immigration agency was "preparing to conduct an operation in the Bay Area, including Oakland, starting as soon as" Sunday.

The warning "was meant to give all residents time to learn their rights and know their legal options", she said in a statement Tuesday night reported in the San Francisco Chronicle.

"Sanctuary jurisdictions like San Francisco and Oakland shield unsafe criminal aliens from federal law enforcement at the expense of public safety", Homan said.

"The media does not focus on all of these criminals that we're going after", Genalo said, "Rather than focus on the criminals that we're trying to remove, and that we're arresting in the community, they'd rather take and focus on the small percentage of the cases that you just mentioned".

Schaaf sought again to defend her actions with an absurd and contradictory statement: "I do not regret sharing this information".

In numerous arrests reported so far, people opened their doors for ICE and answered questions.

Schwab wrote that anyone who violates immigration laws may be subject to arrest, detention and deportation.

Good for her. Under the Trump administration, an ugly deportation force has been indiscriminately terrorizing immigrant and Latino communities. This operation is a continuation of ICE's efforts to prioritize enforcement against public safety threats.

The ICE sweep was the second since a statewide sanctuary law took effect last month.

Nunez-Salgado is in a federal holding facility with other detained undocumented immigrants, Ponce said, adding that he told her the facility is severally crowded.

"Criminal warrants we will honor...but here when the fear mongering exists out of ICE and the Trump administration, that's not what we will stand for", Farrell said".

Oakland's sanctuary city laws are some of the toughest in the country.

Helena said that ICE agents went into her family's backyard in Napa, California, asked her husband his name and then arrested him on the spot.

The activist mayor also blasted the immigration crackdown as "racist" during a news conference in her office Wednesday.

He also deplored so-called USA sanctuary cities, which limit the assistance they offer to federal immigration officials.

Immigration lawyers at non-profits like the American Friends Service Committee and American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey have also seen an increase in arrests of undocumented immigrants with removal orders that come in for their routine check-ins with ICE.

Although some immigrants do commit crimes, Schaaf said the criminal justice system already in place is adequate to address those issues without reliance on ICE, which has been deporting immigrants with no criminal record under the Trump administration.

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