Amazon's Alexa Actually Lost Her Voice

Amazon's Alexa Actually Lost Her Voice

Amazon's Alexa Actually Lost Her Voice

This doesn't appear to be a localized issue, as complaints are now streaming in at an alarming pace on Down Detector, where thousands of users are having trouble with their Echos and Echo Dots.

An Alexa "skill" already translates short sentences in English into 36 languages including Arabic, Hindi, Indonesian, Polish, Thai and many more - but just short phrases and words.

Alexa would have an understanding of the Japanese culture, which is generally more formal and conservative than American culture and would incorporate its knowledge into translations.

Direct Connect is one of the hundreds of services available from Amazon's AWS platform. Context and cultural awareness is something that's still missing.

Some Amazon Alexa users were met with deafening silence Friday, with the voice-controlled digital assistant going down across the U.S. According to, a website that monitors technology outages and service interruptions, issues with Alexa began after 9:30 a.m. EST.

More changes will happen to Alexa.

Amazon's Ambition to turn Alexa into a real-time translator seems to be taking a page from Google Assistant. Google caused a stir when they demonstrated real-time translation via the Pixel Buds.

"The cross-culture, cross-language piece is going to be big for Amazon and Alexa, and it has a lot of potential", an anonymous source told Yahoo Finance. One area of contention is the availability of Nest smart home products and a new report today details the discussion between the two companies, and reveals possible involvement by Jeff Bezos.

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