Street artists place gold Harvey Weinstein statue in Hollywood

Street artists place gold Harvey Weinstein statue in Hollywood

Street artists place gold Harvey Weinstein statue in Hollywood

The statue, called "Casting Couch", is located near the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and is collaboration between street artists Plastic Jesus, popularly known for his yearly Oscar season installations that take aim at the dark side of show business, and Joshua "Ginger" Monroe, the artist behind the well-known naked Donald Trump statues. The statue will reportedly remain in its position on Hollywood Boulevard throughout this weekend, just to make sure no one forgets the many, many bad men that ruled the industry at the Oscars this Sunday.

The accusations against Weinstein triggered a flood of allegations of sexual impropriety by other celebrities that have rocked Hollywood and dominated this year's movie awards season.

The phrase "casting couch", used to describe the demand of sexual favors for work, may seem a relic of a bygone era but is "still very much a part of the Hollywood culture", he said.

"Hopefully now in the light of recent allegations against many leading figures in Hollywood the industry will clean up it's (sic) act", he said. His likeness, however, has already made a Hollywood appearance in close proximity to the Dolby Theatre where the Academy Awards ceremony shall occur.

Amid rumors that the #MeToo movement is losing steam, the artists erected an explicit statue of disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein, painted gold, holding an Oscar, and sitting on a casting couch.

The sculpture, which is life-sized, took two months to create.

Plastic Jesus and Ginger were also responsible for producing naked statues of Donald Trump that appeared in various U.S. cities in 2016, before he was elected United States president. His power and influence was nearly without compare.

Weinstein, 65, has been accused by dozens of women of sexual misconduct, including rape.

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