Microsoft Debuts New AI Platform in Windows 10

Microsoft Debuts New AI Platform in Windows 10

Microsoft Debuts New AI Platform in Windows 10

Companies like Acer, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Samsung, and Toshiba all offered their own version of laptops that would run Windows 10 S mode, with numerous computers starting at just $189. Its new incarnation will be called "S Mode", and will roll out next year.

Previous reports have suggested that the S Mode will simply lock down a copy of Windows 10 so that it's only capable of running apps from the Microsoft Store which is what Windows 10 S did in the first place.

Belfiore also inadvertently confirmed that Windows 10 S was in fact created to tackle Chrome OS and regain its dominant foothold in the educational sector.

Last month it was rumored that Windows 10 S was set to be replaced by a mode that can be set in other versions of Windows 10. This will make it simpler to transition to using Windows 10 S or, in the case of consumers, unlock the full Windows environment. The news is a logical next step for the still-young Windows 10 S concept. In a rather freaky development, however, it turns out that the Windows 10 S was actually hiding the full version of Windows 10 - a feature that could be unlocked on the majority of operating systems for a $50 fee.

It's still unclear as to why this change is happening, though improving the ease of moving between Windows 10 S and regular Windows 10 isn't a bad idea. In addition, Windows 10 Pro users having the mode enabled will need to pay $49 for acquiring access to the full version of the 10 Pro.

However, at least in the EU, Microsoft would have to obtain consent if the data was used in any other way than mentioned or if it wasn't clear to the user that the data would be used for more than just finding the device. "Next year 10S will be a "mode" of existing versions, not a distinct version. SO ..." While uptake of Windows 10 S is unknown, it can be presumed the platform's not significantly impacted on Windows' overall market share.

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