Russian Federation and USA air strikes caused mass civilian deaths in Syria

Russian Federation and USA air strikes caused mass civilian deaths in Syria

Russian Federation and USA air strikes caused mass civilian deaths in Syria

The overwhelming use of force combined with seemingly indiscriminate bombing has caught the attention of many humanitarian organizations as attempts to bring in food and aid have been largely unsuccessful.

"The situation in Eastern Ghouta in the context of implementation of UN Security Council's resolution 2401 was discussed".

United Nations war crimes investigators have issued a statement on Tuesday with respect to the deaths of Syrian civilians in 2017, faulting both the U.S. and Russian Federation for killing massive numbers of civilians over the course of the past year in airstrikes.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that measures have been undertaken to ensure the protection of civilians in accordance with the Russian-backed daily humanitarian pause that was implemented following the adoption of the UN Security Resolution 2401, which was endorsed on February 24 and called for a 30-day-long humanitarian ceasefire.

The Russian mission to the United Nations in Geneva did not immediately respond to the findings. Russian airstrikes are hitting Eastern Ghouta. Damascus has repeatedly stated that it opens fire in response to attacks from the suburb.

"This month, it is Eastern Ghouta which is, in the words of the secretary-general, hell on earth", he said. A humanitarian corridor was opened between Damascus and its suburban area for civilians in the Wafedeen refugee camp.

The raids came after around 18 people suffered breathing difficulties in the town following a strike there late Monday, the Observatory reported.

According to the Russian center for Syrian reconciliation, there have been no records of any civilians leaving Eastern Ghouta during the eight humanitarian pauses so far.

"The ministry says its negotiators in Syria late on Monday called on all rebels leaders in eastern Ghouta to allow civilians leave the area", the AP says. However, the operation is cut short as air strikes batter the enclave, killing at least 86 civilians.

On Monday, an global convoy of humanitarian aid trucks cut short its mission to deliver supplies in eastern Ghouta after government forces continued their aerial bombardment and ground assault.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry, consistent with its past positions, has denied the targeting of civilians, but Syria's official news agency, SANA, announced on Tuesday that soldiers loyal to the government had captured the town of Muhamadiya, just at the edge of Eastern Ghouta, and said that the military would continue its push to recapture the city.

"The violence called into question future aid deliveries", the wire service notes. It was then reported that the convoy of 45 trucks delivered 247 tonnes of humanitarian aid to residents of Douma.

In fact, the US-led anti-terror coalition is supporting the Islamic State (IS) and the al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front "with no shame", the Syrian president noted. While it was not clear where evacuees would be taken, in previous truce deals fighters have been bussed to rural Idlib province in the country's northeast, the last rebel stronghold.

The UN human rights chief says that the regime is orchestrating an "apocalypse" in Syria.

Jaish al-Islam spokesman Beriqdar claimed that a rebel minefield killed a dozen government soldiers near Misraba as they attempted to advance from the nearby town of al-Shafouniya on Tuesday morning. "Civilians are caught in a tragic situation".

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