Trump Triples Down on Trade War Talk

Trump Triples Down on Trade War Talk

Trump Triples Down on Trade War Talk

"A lot of states are doing that". "It's called paper. Not highly complex computers, paper".

It fell to a Swedish journalist to ask about Russian election meddling, which has caused concern among European governments. They did well. Let's see if we can carry it over.

"We are urging caution", McConnell said.

"I think they're honest also because the sanctions and what we're doing with respect to North Korea, including the great help that we've been given from China".

Trump says he hopes the North Koreans are "sincere". But I like watching it. I like seeing it.

Experts say the new sanctions are expected to target some subset of people from that list, though it's not yet clear who.

But he insisted, contrary to media reports (and a large number of vacancies in key positions), he has no trouble finding people to work in his administration.

The US Office of Special Counsel announced that White House counselor Kellyanne Conway violated the Hatch Act by "advocating for and against candidates" in last year's Alabama Senate special election while on cable news. On Tuesday, he acknowledged the Russian meddling and said others may have been involved as well, but they had no influence on the outcome.

Trump on Tuesday declined to comment on the status of his beleaguered Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who he's publicly sparred with of late.

But he didn't engage regarding whom he wants to see go.

Trump's unexpected announcement of planned tariffs last week put him at odds with both his fellow Republicans in Congress and with the corporate CEOs who have always been some of the president's most consistent supporters. I took a little heat, but that was okay because I proved to be right.

Speaking at a joint press conference with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, Trump repeated his belief that the United States would win in a trade war.

In opening remarks, Lofven hinted at a point of conflict between the two friendly nations.

"We have come certainly a long way, at least rhetorically, with North Korea", he said.

Trump clearly does not agree.

"When we're behind on every single country, trade wars aren't so bad", Trump said, apparently referring to the being "behind" due to trade deficits.

Trump said he'd consider slapping a 25% tariff on cars coming from the European Union because of unfair trade practices.

"We're doing tariffs on steel".

But then he also predicted a peaceful resolution to any trade dispute: "We're going to straighten it out, and we'll do it in a very loving way". It's a fraction of what it once was. Its home-country automaker Volvo sold almost 83,000 models in the fiscal 2016, making it the company's second biggest market behind China.

Although employment in these industries is down significantly, steel and aluminum production has remained stable as a result of increased production efficiency. "I thought North Korea was terrific".

The President of the United States is unaware of the news. 'But I think also we must all take responsibility for using facts correctly, and for verifying any information that we spread'. "With Gary gone, I just think, from a policy perspective, it means disaster", one White House official told Politico. And it's also possible that the administration imposes sanctions on Russian Federation for other reasons - namely its invasion of Ukraine - and doesn't cite the election as the sole reason for the measures, Sean Kane, a former sanctions official at the Treasury Department, told me.

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