Luigi's Mansion is Getting a 3DS Remake

Luigi's Mansion is Getting a 3DS Remake

Luigi's Mansion is Getting a 3DS Remake

If you're not familiar with Luigi's Mansion, the game focuses on Luigi, who is aiming to track down Mario who has gone missing in a new mansion the green hero obtained through a contest he was sure he had never entered in the first place. Nintendo has revealed the original Luigi's Mansion is coming to the Nintendo 3DS.

Are you looking forward to replaying the GameCube classic on your 3DS?

Check out the trailer for the remake as shown in the Nintendo Direct below.

WarioWare Gold is bringing the series' distinctive microgames to 3DS in a huge new compilation.

It will release on 27th July. A Nintendo wouldn't be complete without at least a couple of sucker punches, though, as the company rounded out the 3DS news with a surprise Luigi's Mansion full remake. As before the game follows the adventures of the titular duo as they explore Bowser's innards in 2D, while Bowser explores the overworld.

As great as the 3DS Luigi Mansion games might be, it does feel a little odd that Nintendo hasn't bothered to revisit the Luigi's Mansion concept via a console release since the original game debuted alongside the GameCube in 2001.

Like Superstar Saga the game will come with a bonus story mode, this time called Bowser Jr.'s Journey.

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