Officer charged with assaulting jaywalking suspect

Officer charged with assaulting jaywalking suspect

Officer charged with assaulting jaywalking suspect

Buncombe County, North Carolina, District Attorney Todd Williams said Thursday charges have been filed in connection with an incident in Asheville involving a white police officer, who was seen on a body camera footage punching and subduing a black man accused of jaywalking, that left many residents outraged and asking for answers.

District Attorney Williams released a statement on Twitter on Thursday, confirming Hickman, an officer with Asheville Police Department, was charged in the incident. The criminal investigation into Hickman's actions did not start until after he resigned, and wrapped up a week after the video of the beating was leaked to the Asheville Citizen-Times, which first published it and made the incident public.

An SBI statement again declined to open a separate investigation, though this time said it was because it was assisting the FBI in the case.

In particular, it was the investigation into Hickman, who's white, that was brought up the most. A phone listing for Hickman had a full inbox that wouldn't take messages today.

At a certain point Rush endeavors to run, and Hickman says "You recognize what's interesting is you will get f - ed up no-nonsense". "You ain't got nothing better to do besides mess with me?" he asked, per ABC News. Officer Chris Hickman tells Rush to put his hands behind his back.

"(He) thinks it's amusing", Hickman can be heard saying during the chase. During the ensuing chase, Hickman can be heard yelling, "You are going to get fucked up hardcore", while pulling out his stun gun.

The camera footage also shows Hickman hitting Rush on the head over and over with a closed fist, and Rush crying out in pain as he is shocked with a Taser.

Rush says several times he can not breathe after being taken to the ground and shocked with a stun gun.

After Rush is given the option of a citation or being arrested, he can be heard cursing out of frustration.

Rush is shown in the footage being put in the back of a police vehicle and paramedics checking his bloodied face and head.

Surge told the Citizen-Times that Hickman utilized racial slurs against him as he was being dealt with for his injuries.

The charges came after the video, which was obtained by The Citizen Times and released in a story last month, caused an outcry in Asheville, the county seat of Buncombe County and the largest city in Western North Carolina.

The documents show a supervisor responded to the use of force against Rush, but did not send the information to superiors immediately. Nor that charges against Rush, disproven by the bodycam video, were dropped.

Hooper also ordered a review of more than 58 hours worth of footage from Hickman's body-camera, which "revealed four other instances where Hickman displayed discourteous and rude conduct to members of the public". Kapoor, who just took office in January after being the top vote-getter in last year's election, said in a statement that the release of a video showing a then-Asheville police officer beating an unarmed black man last August and the revelations of the delays in investigating it were "clearly a setback" in changing the culture of the police department, he still supports Hooper.

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