Russian TV anchor warns 'traitors' not to settle in Britain

Russian TV anchor warns 'traitors' not to settle in Britain

Russian TV anchor warns 'traitors' not to settle in Britain

Wiltshire Police undated handout photo of Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey who rushed to the aid of a Russian ex-spy targeted with a nerve agent.

As uncertainty lingered over their fate, police said a total of 21 people had been seen for medical treatment in the aftermath of the incident.

Skripal was a former colonel in Russian military intelligence who was jailed in his country for betraying agents to Britain's MI6 secret service. He had been living quietly in Salisbury, a cathedral city 90 miles southwest of London. "The public should not be alarmed and the public health advice remains the same", a police statement said.

Since emerging from the John le Carre world of high espionage and betrayal, Skripal lived modestly in Salisbury and kept out of the spotlight until he was found unconscious on Sunday.

About 180 troops have been brought in to help remove vehicles and potentially-contaminated objects around the crime scene due to their specialist knowledge, said police.

A convoy of military vehicles rolled into the auto park at Salisbury District Hospital to recover a police auto. However, I could not have imagined that we would be faced with a police officer left seriously ill after exposure to a nerve agent, in the way that we have seen in Salisbury this week.

They also sealed off the grave of Skripal's wife, Liudmila, who died in 2012 from cancer, as well as the memorial stone of his son, Alexander, who was cremated past year after reportedly dying of liver problems.

His son Alexander died on July 18, 2017 aged 43 in St Petersburg, British media reported.

Russian Federation 2018 have not commented on the incident involving Skripal and his daughter, and remain in talks with FIFA over an "ongoing risk assessment" of the tournament.

Lord Blair, the former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "There obviously are some indications the officer, and I'm very sorry that he has been injured, has actually been to the house, whereas there was a doctor who looked after the patients in the open who hasn't been affected at all".

They stop the nervous system working and shut down bodily functions.

"These are the kinds of political and symbolic responses that have an impact on bilateral relations but not on the issue itself", said Boulegue, adding that ties were already so bad that this would be "another drop in an already very full cup".

Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has denied his country's involvement in the attempted murder of the ex-spy.

"We're accused not only of this, but we are accused of everything that goes wrong on this planet, according to our Western partners", Lavrov said.

"If someone wants us to engage in an investigation, be that on the poisoning of the United Kingdom subject or the rumours about alleged interference in the electoral campaign of the USA, if you really need our assistance, then we will be willing to contemplate this possibility if we have the necessary data and facts", he added.

The U.K. has vowed to take strong action against whoever was responsible for the "brazen and reckless" attack.

Earlier this year, British government ministers announced they meant to target rich Russians in Britain who couldn't prove where their money came from, and they announced new asset-seizure powers known as unexplained wealth orders.

A previous British inquiry said President Vladimir Putin probably approved the 2006 murder of ex-KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko with radioactive polonium-210 in London. He noted that the investigation into Litvinenko's death was never completed, yet Russian Federation was blamed for it.

Mr Sutyagin, who has always maintained his innocence, also brought up the the assassination of Kim Jong-nam, Kim Jong-un's estranged half-brother in Kuala Lumpur airport last February. For example, the Skripals had symptoms that were consistent with poisoning by one of these agents.

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