White House backs off on assault rifle curbs

White House backs off on assault rifle curbs

White House backs off on assault rifle curbs

After last month's deadly shooting at a Florida high school, the president advocated for increasing the minimum age to purchase an assault weapon to 21.

Later, Sanders was asked about the disconnect between Trump's comments call for the minimum age for assault weapons purchases to be raised during his meeting with Parkland survivors, and his new plan, which does not include any proposal to change purchase ages.

Sanders insisted that the age limit increase is still included in the proposal, though its only mention is on the list of issues that will be considered by a commission chaired by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

According to the New York Post, the United States president made his recommendations to enhance school security on Sunday following a series of listening sessions he held since last month's shooting of 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS in Florida by a former student carrying an AR-15 assault rifle.

Trump backs legislation aimed at providing more data for the background check system: a database of people who are not legally allowed to buy guns.

From the parts of the plan that you're describing that are there and those that are not, it sounds like an NRA-approved school safety plan. "We can't just keep setting up blue ribbon committees with your wife and your wife and your husband, and they meet and they have a meal and they talk", said Trump. Patrick J. Toomey of Pennsylvania and Democratic Sen. "Shame on you, Mr President". "It doesn't make sense that I have to wait until I'm 21 to get a handgun, but I can get this weapon at 18".

"On 18 to 21 Age Limits, watching court cases and rulings before acting". Recent polls have shown that a majority of American adults 67 percent 71 percent support raising the age for all gun purchases to 21.

Without strong advocacy from the White House, an ambitious gun package was unlikely to even get off the ground, given most Republicans' opposition to any new restrictions.

On this issue, a commission's okay? "So what he is pushing forward are things that can be immediately accomplished either through the administration or that have broad-based bipartisan support in Congress". Just two days earlier, Trump had mocked commissions as something of a dead end while talking about the opioid epidemic.

Most prominently, the White House is backing funding for firearms training for school officials, including teachers. "I think, you know, if they do that, they ought to be able to buy a hunting rifle", said Sen.

The administration announced Sunday night that it would launch a commission to study school violence and would look at ways to allow states to train teachers who wanted to carry guns. There's overwhelming public support for the issue, plus Democrats in Congress have been calling for common-sense gun control measures for years.

Where Trump's White House ended up on how to respond to school shootings is a world away from where he started.

The massacre spurred officials in Washington to re-evaluate gun laws. He also declared at that meeting that law enforcement officials should "take the guns first, go through due process second" for those suspected of mental illness. Less than two weeks after that meeting, his White House formalized his drift back to the right. Trump wrote in one Twitter message. Chris Murphy of CT that would offer financial incentives to state and federal agencies to enter more data into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System - a proposal known as "Fix NICs" - but stops far short of the expanded background check bill that Trump promoted at the end of February.

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