Emmanuel Macron promises 700 mn euros for solar energy development

Emmanuel Macron promises 700 mn euros for solar energy development

Emmanuel Macron promises 700 mn euros for solar energy development

According to the organisation, out of 60 member countries; 30 have countries have signed and ratified the ISA Framework Agreement up to date.

But while hailing the "solar mamas", a group of women trained as solar engineers, he said the women had continued their mission to promote solar energy even after "some countries decided just to leave the floor and leave the Paris agreement".

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for a unified effort for promoting solar energy and said the Alliance would help to achieve greater global energy security.

The team members will inspect the works done in promoting solar roof top and solar pump scheme and also, discuss planning and development of activities that would increase the use of solar energy.

March 11 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday at the Founding Conference of the International Solar Alliance (ISA), listed out ten action points to bring about a worldwide solar revolution.

The International Solar Alliance (ISA) has signed a joint financial partnership with various financiers aimed at mobilising funds for the deployment of over 1,000GW of solar energy. Besides 6 Vice-Presidents and Deputy Prime Ministers and 19 ministers as head of delegations attended the conference.

The International Solar Alliance (ISA) is an alliance of more than 121 countries, majority being sunshine countries, which lie either completely or partly between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.

ISA is an inter-governmental organization that aims to mobilize $1 trillion in funds for future solar generation, storage and technology across the world.

During the summit, New Delhi also announced 27 solar projects under the Indian government's credit lines in 15 countries, including Bangladesh, Chad, Congo, Ghana, Mali, Rwanda and Sri Lanka.

Keeping that in mind and given the fact that the UAE - one of the ten largest oil producing countries in the world - has committed to clean energy resource development at a time when oil prices recorded over US$80 per barrel and peaked two years later at US$130 a barrel, I would like to raise a very important question: Was the UAE acting of its own volition or to meet a necessity?

The action plan includes increasing the share of electricity generated from photovoltaic cells in the energy mix, framing of regulations and standards and consultancy support for bankable solar projects.

Macron took a jibe at US President Donald Trump at the summit for his decision to withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement. The UAE has also launched many initiatives to provide the necessary funding to carry out and develop renewable energy generation projects, such as the initiatives taken by Abu Dhabi Fund for Development and Masdar.

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