Democrat victory a setback for Trump

Democrat victory a setback for Trump

Democrat victory a setback for Trump

This was a district that Donald Trump carried in the 2016 election by 20 points.

Lamb claimed victory Wednesday morning in a CNN interview even as the absentee votes were still being tallied, but Saccone hasn't conceded.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, Republican of Wisconsin, also branded Lamb a "conservative", at his weekly news conference on Tuesday. Trump promised everything, including such contradictions as expanded health care at lower cost and tax cuts with deficit reduction.

Lamb said he didn't "know if we are there yet" because there wouldn't be another party leadership vote for quite some time and because there are "a couple more elections to go for me before we'd ever get there".

Republicans found it harder than expected to mount effective attacks on Lamb's positions on abortion, guns and the national Democratic Party.

A Westmoreland County elections official says provisional ballots, military ballots and any recount in her county would yield only marginal changes.

While a recount is not mandatory in a close House election, Saccone's team has not ruled out the potential of legal maneuvers to hold up the declaration of a Lamb victory.

The Republican Party will watch the final vote-counting in a tightly contested U.S. House race in Pennsylvania before deciding whether to seek a recount or sue over perceived election irregularities, officials said Thursday, even as they scrounged for votes to whittle away at Democrat Conor Lamb's lead. If anything, those ads may have alienated suburban Republican voters and pushed them toward Lamb who ran a positive and issues oriented campaign. "I think he ran on his positive agenda", she said. But this centrist, anti-Pelosi strategy has now worked for a party other than the Republican one, and there are many Democrats who wonder if that's a victor in their district, too. And this particular district will cease to exist, thanks to a court order that the state's legislative lines be redrawn for more partisan balance.

Lamb touted himself as a moderate on the campaign trail, but he is no moderate on abortion.

By which he means, yes, the party can respond to its famously diverse constituencies while also reaching out to the working-class, middle-class and mostly white voters who have swung mostly to Republicans, and most recently to President Donald Trump, since at least the mid-1960s.

Trump held two events in the district during the campaign, including a rally on Saturday.

The southwestern Pennsylvania congressional district, a traditional GOP bastion that includes the affluent south suburbs of Pittsburgh and rural towns in former coal country, became vacant late a year ago, when former Rep. Tim Murphy (R-Pa.) resigned after pressuring a woman with whom he had an affair to get an abortion. "They would have to lose 31 seats to lose control". "He certainly didn't run as a Democrat", Rep. Mike Kelly, R-Pa., said. Instead, it was the GOP that brought national politics in by mentioning Pelosi's name - a strategy that has worked against Democrats in previous congressional races there. "I just don't think you're going to see that across the country".

A Pennsylvania based Republican strategist blamed entirely different for Saccone's loss, "It's a pornstache", he said. "If we had a candidate who could walk and chew gum at the same time, we would have won the race".

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