Here's how much the Samsung Galaxy S9+ costs to build

Here's how much the Samsung Galaxy S9+ costs to build

Here's how much the Samsung Galaxy S9+ costs to build

Several TmoNews readers began getting their update overnight, and they're now on Android 8.0 with Samsung Experience 9.0.

It is worth noting that this information is not official, companies do not share such info. In fact, it went about as far away from snooping eyes as possible. According to an update from a Samsung Turkey website, the Galaxy Note8 is expected to receive its Android 8.0 update on 30 March 2018 while the Galaxy S7/S7 edge is scheduled to receive it around the middle of April. As a result, premium smartphones such as the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S are now likely to have three or four owners over the course of their life. However, during the back drop test, the S9's back panel completely shattered,
which is in line with last year's model.

In reality, however, Samsung could be paying a lot more to build the Galaxy S9 Plus than Apple forks out for the iPhone X. We'll never know - that is, of course, unless both manufacturers agree to make their ledgers accessible to the public.

Moreover, the Galaxy Note lineup is set to boost the Samsung's camera standards from the impressive snappers on the already launched Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.

With the Galaxy Note 9 name now confirmed, we should start seeing more rumours and leaks pop up, so we'll bring you all the latest news as and when we hear it.

The report appears to be a valid one as Namuga is not only one of Samsung's camera module suppliers but also directly supplies Intel with 3D-sensing modules for their RealSense AR cameras, and Mantis Vision is a specialist in the technology of in 3D-mapping.

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