KB Toys aims to fill the void of Toys "R" Us

KB Toys aims to fill the void of Toys

KB Toys aims to fill the void of Toys "R" Us

Kassoff, whose company has brought back candy brands such as Hydrox and Astro Pop, invited Toys R Us employees, as well as other players in the toy industry, to apply at KB Toys. However, Toys "R" Us' decision to close its doors inspired him to follow the pop-up idea.

On March 15, after failing to reorganize around its successful stores, the toy superstore said it had to liquidate.

With liquidation looming, Toys R Us' days are numbered, and savy shoppers are hoping to cash in on going out of business sales.

We went to a Toys R Us store in Yonkers, New York, that was part of the initial round of store closings.

Last week, Toys "R" Us announced it had begun the process of shuttering its 700-plus remaining U.S. stores, leaving a number of analysts and toymakers questioning the long-term fate of the industry.

Amazon would not be buying the properties to keep the Toys "R" Us brand alive. With majority of their 3000+ stores located in malls, the teen jewelry company has been suffering from a decline in traffic in shopping malls. The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and agreed to a restructuring plan to reduce its debt by $1.9 billion.

Published reports say liquidation sales around the country will start as soon as Thursday, and will continue until all the merchandise is sold.

"They won't have the one-stop shop convenience, but I do think they have enough resources in town both between big stores and local companies that they will be able to find what they need", said Sarah Ortega, Certified Lactation Counselor at Renown. After that, you risk forfeiting any value on these cards.

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