Fortnite on iOS made over $1 million United States dollars in three days

Fortnite on iOS made over $1 million United States dollars in three days

Fortnite on iOS made over $1 million United States dollars in three days

His live stream - on which he joined the shoot-'em'-up adventure "Fortnite" with players including video-game star Ninja - drew 628,000 viewers, Twitch said, far outpacing the previous record of 388,000.

The Battle Royale craze has been huge as of late, but it wasn't until Fortnite added the popular gaming mode that it completely took off. Fortnite can now brag about being the most played battle royale game in the world and rightfully so. However, one Twitch streamer who goes by the name Ninja recently revealed just how lucrative such a business can be by confirming that he makes over $500,000 a month.

Before we explain how to complete this week's new challenge "Follow the treasure map found in Anarchy Acres" it's worth acknowledging that there's been an influx of new Fortnite Battle Royale players this week, thanks to the launch on iOS mobile and tablet devices.

For those of you looking to move up the Season 3 Battle Pass tiers even faster in the game, your top priority this morning will be concerned with completing this week's new set of Week 5 challenges as quickly as possible. The game will start with the storm already closing in on the island, and loot availability has been tweaked, meaning players will be finding a lot of great gear as they run from the storm.

"All the kids out there: you can't just drop everything to focus on playing video games for a living", he said, adding that the career is starting to have a very a competitive landscape, and that aspiring streamers should first secure their future before trying their hand at it.

Did Bluehole's (the developers of Player Unknown's Battlegrounds) comments about how Fortnite was copying their game affect Epic's Battle Royale game in any way, asked one attendee? The game is still in early access, but Fortnite devs have been doing a fantastic job frequently patching the product and making buffs and nerfs as needed. It's all about the rules of survival, and being the last man standing. And that's because Epic Games knew the game hadn't achieved its full potential yet. An add-on to a popular PC game.

However, a report out today shows that Fortnite has now surpassed PUBG in both Twitch viewership and earnings for February.

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