US Commerce Department Adds Question about Citizenship to Census

US Commerce Department Adds Question about Citizenship to Census

US Commerce Department Adds Question about Citizenship to Census

Getting an accurate count of the nation's citizens, the administration contends, would allow better enforcement of the Voting Rights Act on behalf of disenfranchised minorities.

They said Ross must explain the process used in adding a citizenship question, and the impact it has on the planning of the 2020 census. "There's no question. The reason for that is that if the Trump administration were to say the sky is blue, you could find a federal court at this point to enjoin that and say it's not correct", Steven Camarota, director of research at the Center for Immigration Studies, told WND and Radio America. Remember, the constitutional mandate of the census is a count of everyone in the country - citizen and noncitizen. It is not. And the danger goes far beyond the fear it is already fueling in immigrant communities across the country. Most people didn't get it.

Margie Gonzalez, the executive director of the Idaho Commission on Hispanic Affairs, says the question will only add to suspicions many communities harbor.

New York's attorney general is leading the joint effort by his colleagues in other states.

Prince George's County, the NAACP's Prince George's County branch and two county residents (branch President Bob Ross and Elizabeth Johnson), also joined the suit. But the questionnaire won't have a space for him and other LGBT people who are not living with a spouse or unmarried partner to indicate their sexual orientation.

However, Gov. John Hickenlooper, a Democrat, co-signed a letter with 19 attorneys general earlier this year asking the U.S. Commerce Department to exclude any citizenship questions on the census.

After a thorough review of the legal, program, and policy considerations, as well as numerous discussions with Census Bureau leadership, Members of Congress, and interested stakeholders, Secretary Ross has determined that reinstatement of a citizenship question on the 2020 decennial census questionnaire is necessary to provide complete and accurate census block level data.

Once every 10 years, we count all individuals living in the United States in the census. The estimate is used for many purposes, including apportioning congressional seats and allocating federal funds for schools, hospitals and other programmes. It asks numerous same questions as the census long-form surveys from 1970 to 2000, including the citizenship question.

"What's more frightening about this Census count, more than in the past, is the rhetoric from the Trump administration", Baker said after the press conference.

Yet the 2020 census may be different from all the rest. He said legally the census has nothing to do with a person citizenship. Population is a basis for how many billions of dollars in federal money IL gets annually. And when states and cities are undercounted they lose out on funding and political representation.

The citizenship question that will be included on the 2020 census may result in millions of people neglecting to fill out the form altogether, according to a new analysis.

The Census Bureau's breakdown of the newly estimated population by race, sex and age has not yet been released, but the 2016 estimate indicated that the strongest growth in population was among the elderly and white and Latino populations.

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