Apple Reveals Gender Pay Gap Figures at UK Operations

Apple Reveals Gender Pay Gap Figures at UK Operations

Apple Reveals Gender Pay Gap Figures at UK Operations

"Most importantly, because equality for women is a right, and our whole society is the poorer as long as it remains unrealised".

Jack Sealy, which supplies air and power tools, also had a negative gap - its mean average showed women were paid 2% more, though its median favoured men by 3.9%. At Norwich-based media group Archant, which had a median pay gap of 6.4%, women earned 8.5% more than men in bonuses, and at sports vehicle manufacturer Ransomes Jacobsen in Ipswich the median pay gap put women's pay 7% higher than men's.

Warner Music UK reported a gender pay gap of 49%, with women behind men in terms of those receiving bonuses: 74% to 85%.

Conversely, Ryanair reported a 71.8 per cent gender pay gap, the worst among the aviation industry, and one of the largest overall.

Employers with 250 or more staff have to report average differences in pay between all male and female employees by law at midnight tonight.

Women and equalities minister Amber Rudd said: "Reporting is an important first step, but what matters now is that employers actually take action". "This should give a clear insight into how committed the organisation is towards promoting women", says The Guardian.

It's been an uncomfortable exercise for many companies, but advocates welcome the mandatory disclosures. "We are also working on our recruitment strategy to attract more women to higher graded posts", he added. In finance, women are paid 40 per cent less than men because of these career gaps they have to take.

The remarks came as a deadline approached for British companies to publish data on their pay gap. They argue the pay gaps are big because men tend to dominate highly paid positions.

The trust's gender pay gap is smaller than at neighbouring Countess of Chester Hospital, where women earn an average of 28% less than men, and East Cheshire NHS Trust, where women earn 34.5% less than men on average.

The BBC said in January that it would be more transparent about what it pays its correspondents, and offer salaries in narrower bands.

Of firms now known to have the most acute gender pay gaps, Ryanair is the best known.

Sony noted that more than half of new recruits were women during the past year, with more than a third from BAME backgrounds. Just over 39 per cent of its lowest paid workers are women while 29 per cent of top quartile are, and women's median bonus pay is 41.5 per cent lower than men's.

But the gender pay gap is widest at soccer clubs, airlines, financial firms and select fashion brands.

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