Spider-Man for PS4 is out in September

Spider-Man for PS4 is out in September

Spider-Man for PS4 is out in September

Along with today's announcement of the Spider-Man PS4 release date, Insomniac also gave us a look at the box art and collector's editions of the game. More specifically, the DLC includes story chapters from Marvel's Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps. Details are still scarce for what this DLC is about, but it's nice to know that Insomniac Games will be supporting Spider-Man after launch.

From what we can see, we can quickly confirm that the game is more likely to be fantastic, including a new type of camera and all sorts of angles to respectfully deliver the needed action.

Marvel's Spider-Man will feature XP and level up system.

All of the trailers we have received confirmation this but all of them lack a more specific window. When Marvel Games went to Sony Interactive Entertainment to develop a new Spider-Man based game, we weren't so sure which developer would make the cut to make the game. It will be available in three flavors: standard ($59.99), digital deluxe ($79.99) and collector's edition ($150). Quick time events will also feature in some of the more cinematic moments within the game, which will help to keep you involved as you witness some of the jaw-dropping cutscenes.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section, I can safely say that this is a day 1 purchase for me without any hesitation.

This has lead many excited fans to become sceptical about how the game might look when it comes to the original PS4.

You can find pre-order info in the video below, and you can grab the goodies that come with them on sites like Amazon.com. The game was originally announced to release back in 2017, but that changed as the development of the game took longer than anticipated. Judging by the list of details, though, Insomniac are investing heavily in the RPG-lite mechanics for Spider-Man.

Check out the trailer for Marvel's Spider-Man!

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