Winter weather headed for region

Winter weather headed for region

Winter weather headed for region

In the Upper Peninsula, lake-effect snow could fall in the Marquette area.

WCCO meteorologist Matt Brickman said Minnesota could see record cold temperatures in the 30s starting Thursday and ending Sunday, CBS Minnesota reports.

March brought several nor'easters with snow to the region and this pattern is still conducive for more storms into the middle of April.

While many areas in the Northeast will be bracing for snow later this week, Minnesota will enter the weekend with frigid temperatures.

Granted, there is some snow to clear off of your vehicle this morning (about 5cm of wet snow fell in total) and some surfaces are a bit icy but we were spared heavy accumulation completely iced-over roads. "This is the most that has been seen in the area since the winter of 1996/97 (450cm), and is the fifth greatest amount on record (490.5 in 1968/69)".

While the rain won't slow you down much on Tuesday (watch out for wet roads and reduced visibility, however), be ready for slushy roads early Wednesday, which may make you drive slower.

Friday night - Mostly cloudy, with a low around 22.

In the metro area, rain and snow are likely with the high falling to around 30 by late afternoon and northwest winds gusting as high as 35 miles per hour.

On Friday, the winter weather returns, as the day likely will start out rainy and then change over to a rain/snow mix or completely snow by Friday evening. We are also more than 2-inches above normal in terms of precipitation for this time of year.

As colder air surges in behind the system early Saturday morning, temperatures will again fall into the 20s.

As temperatures warm up and the low pressure system moves offshore, conditions will continue to improve.

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