Cardi B thankful for all the baby love

Cardi B thankful for all the baby love

Cardi B thankful for all the baby love

However, the 25-year-old rapper opted to confirm her pregnancy on "Saturday Night Live" because she wanted to present it in a "beautiful, clean way".

"The love I'm receiving is overwhelming", Cardi B wrote in a picture caption on her official Instagram account. "Bloods. I used to pop off with my homies".

"When I was 21, I did not have enough meat on body-if I was to get lipo, I wouldn't have enough fat for my a**", Cardi said, explaining that she found a woman with a basement operation in NY who could give her butt injections. Hater's beware, Cardi will come for you. I always wish that I had someone as strong and fearless to look up to when I was younger, like young girls having Cardi B now. When Cardi B was 19, she was a victim of domestic violence and turned to stripping as a means for her to make money to escape her traumatic situation.

What's more, Cardi - who was working as a stripper at the time - noted that women with bigger backsides were receiving more male attention.

Still, the "MotorSport" artist doesn't recall that time in her life very often.

"I know for a fact every gang member, he asking himself, 'Why did I turn this?' Sometimes it's nearly like a fraternity, a sorority". And sometimes I see people that's in the same gang kill each other. "Imma make a bowl of cereal with a teaspoon of bleach/Serve it to you like, "Here you go, n***a, bon appétit!'" is what Cardi raps in "Thru Your Phone". "But my job is in NY, always so I can barely spend time in Atlanta". Every woman, I think, wants to get married and wants to have children.

Her obsession with history is nothing new.

Cardi B ended her evening performing four tracks for E11EVEN's attendees.

After all, Cardi has made no secret of the fact that she's a huge Fashion Nova fan. "You know, if you want to propose to me, you can". I think he felt the same way. People used to put things in my head: 'He gonna leave you.

Despite her accent being loved by her fans all across the world, Cardi says it causes her to struggle when she's recording her music.

She said in the interview published Monday, "Here's the thing". Cardi admits that the gang life was significant in her youth, but not something today that she actively participates in. "That's my biggest problem, that takes me a long time in the booth", the rapper shared.

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