At 112, Masazo Nonaka is world's oldest living man

At 112, Masazo Nonaka is world's oldest living man

At 112, Masazo Nonaka is world's oldest living man

Nonaka was born on July 25, 1905 - 42 days before the Russo-Japanese War ended.

Erika Ogawa, VP Japan for Guinness World Records presented the award to Nonaka at his home in Hokkaido on Tuesday. According to local welfare authorities the 112-year-old Nonaka has an insatiable appetite for candies, especially strawberry shortcake.

The 105-year-old inn is now run by his granddaughter Yuko. Masazo takes the title after Francisco Nuñez Olivera from Spain who passed away in January aged 113. He regularly soaks in the springs and enjoys eating candies.

He reads a newspaper after breakfast every morning, and loves to watch sumo wrestling and samurai dramas on TV. He was also presented with an award and a cake from the Mayor of the Ashoro town where he was born and lives now with his family. He has seven brothers and one sister who live nearby in the town of Ashoro on Hokkaido. While Nonaka believes his longevity is due to his likings to candies and the springs, his daughter thinks it is because he lives life stressless way. In 1931, the year he married and became the father of five children.

A man has been found dead and several people are missing after a landslide engulfed houses in southern Japan on Wednesday (April 11), local officials said.

The record holder for the Oldest person ever (male) was also Japanese.

Japan has many supercentenarians due partially to a healthy diet, with 68,000 people who are at least a 100 years old.

A 117-year-old Japanese woman, Nabi Tajima, who is now the oldest living person in Japan, is expected to be certified as the world's oldest person, replacing Violet Moss-Brown of Jamaica, who died in September at age 117.

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