Instagram Kicks Off New Features, 'Focus' Camera Format

Instagram Kicks Off New Features, 'Focus' Camera Format

Instagram Kicks Off New Features, 'Focus' Camera Format

With this new mode, "Focus" will allow the user to take photos and video in what's commonly known as a sort of "portrait" mode. Interesting enough, you can also take a video, which is cool!

Only Android devices with native portrait mode capabilities will be able to use Instagram Focus. It involves some software trickery to ensure that the person stays in focus while applying a soft blur to the background.

A TechCrunch reader who compared the Apple and Instagram features showed slightly more facial blurriness around the edges with the Instagram Focus feature, but still said its wider availability still made it an advantage.

Focus has been in the background for a little while before it was revealed in Instagram's new update.

You can take photo in Focus mode with blurred background either with the rear camera or the front camera.

The Focus mode feature's icon was discovered last month in Instagram's Android app. This would also negate the need to download an external app to use Portrait mode on a phone that lacks it.

Focus makes the Instagram camera - in-app - the one to do all the magic.

As you can see, the app makes the "continue without syncing" button much, much smaller than the massive "NEXT" button, and generally designs it to be as un-eye-catching as possible.

Filter message option will be added soon to facilitate the users in the option of Direct Message from the Filter Message on Instagram. And, importantly for Instagram, it might give users another reason to choose the picture-sharing platform over Snapchat. In order to use this feature, go to your Instagram and then access the Photo of you. That lets people tap through to view their profile, and generates a notification to the tagged user.

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