Trump blasts Russian Federation and Iran for supporting 'animal Assad'

Trump blasts Russian Federation and Iran for supporting 'animal Assad'

Trump blasts Russian Federation and Iran for supporting 'animal Assad'

According to some reports, Russian Federation has a presence at the T-4 base. Israel has refused to comment on the strike.

Minister al-Moallem reviewed the latest developments in political fields and on the ground in Syria in light of the important military victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies, praising the support provided by Iran to Syria in all fields.

Channel 10 television reported that the Iranian death toll of seven may not be final.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British-based monitor, said at least 14 people were killed including some fighters of various nationalities.

Three Iranian militia were killed on Sunday in an overnight airstrike by Israeli forces in Syria, Iranian media reported. Dehghan was reportedly a colonel. "Iran backs Syria in its fight against America and the Zionist Regime (Israel)", Ali Akbar Velayati told state TV during his visit to eastern Ghouta in Syria.

In a highly unusual move, Iran's semi-official Fars news agency has acknowledged that "Iranian military advisers" were killed in Monday's attack on the military airfield.

It is unclear what was happening at the T-4 air base and why the site was chosen as a target. The report did not provide the victims' military rank or further information. The Israeli government has issued repeated warnings for years that it will not allow Iran to gain a military foothold in Syrian territory.

"We will stand by Syria's government against any foreign aggression", Velayati said, adding that Tehran backs Damascus in its fight against the USA and Israel. Iran refused being the foundation of the drone. Iran denied at the time the downing of its drone in Israel.

Iran already exerts major influence over Lebanon and has maintained a fluctuating but always present strategic relationship with Hamas and the other jihadist actors in the Palestinian terror arena. That incursion sparked a series of aerial clashes that resulted in the Iranian aircraft being shot down, an Israeli F-16I getting hit by Syrian anti-aircraft fire and crashing in a field, and a significant percentage of Syria's air defenses being destroyed in retaliation.

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