New BioShock Game in Developement

New BioShock Game in Developement

New BioShock Game in Developement

Aside from BioShock Collection in 2016, The widely popular series has been seemingly on hold since the release of Burial at Sea downloadable content in 2013 for Bioshock Infinite, however, it looks like 2k Games haven't given up on the IP as reportedly a new Bioshock game is in development.

2K had stated previously that the franchise had a life beyond the now-defunct Irrational Games, but thanks to Kotaku's Jason Schreier's investigation into another 2K studio, we now know Bioshock is set for a return with a top-secret 2K studio and is being made under the codename "Parkside". Jason Schreier is a reliable source so it's nearly certain.

2K Games has not yet announced or confirmed any details on a new installment for the IP.

Kotaku has reported that a new BioShock title is now under development, there was no additional information given on the title as it is said to be highly secretive. Many developers from Hangar 13 who tried to hop over to work on Parkside were not able to find a position. The remaining team members of Hangar 13 were kept in the dark on what the project entailed, until word slipped out it was a new BioShock title.

"The issue is that Parkside's not ready for lots of people", said one person involved. "They're careful about not falling into the same problem every studio has, where they have too many people and nothing for them to do". Apparently, in that time, Hangar 13 has been figuring out what its next project following Mafia III should be, but the studio is in a very different place right now. Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has already stated that it is a permanent franchise for the company.

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