Plastic pollution is poisoning oceans

Plastic pollution is poisoning oceans

Plastic pollution is poisoning oceans

Faith leaders, including Pope Francis, connect Earth Day with protecting God's greatest creations, humans, biodiversity and the planet that we all live on.

The growing problem of plastic pollution has been the focus of this year's Earth Day.

According to him, plastic pollution is now an ever-present challenge. Reusable bottles will be distributed to the public as a sustainable alternative to plastic bottles.

"Federal Government is also collaborating with states to establish plastic waste recycling plants under the community-based waste management programme of the ministry".

This year's Earth Day theme is "End Plastic Pollution". We also salute the destinations that have already begun to ban plastic checkout bags for groceries or other merchandise.

To spread the message of ending plastic pollution on Earth Day, sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik took to the Puri beach in Odisha to create a stunning sand sculpture.

Earth Day is a global movement that started 48 years ago when millions of protestors took to the streets to bring to light the negative effects of the industrial revolution. It also indicated that the number of incidents of marine animals trapped in plastic products in the sea is increasing rapidly.In addition these bags are also choking up our sewage and drainage systems.

Our fourth annual Caribbean Hospitality Industry Exchange Forum (CHIEF), the premier educational forum for Caribbean hospitality and tourism professionals (from June 22-24, 2018, at the Hyatt Regency in Miami) will be an excellent forum to take this discussion to another level.

Besides the United Nations, environmentalists and nature lovers, the Earth Day Network (EDN) partners with various groups in organising events to demonstrate support for preservation of environment and natural resources. This media house does not correct any spelling or grammatical error within press releases and commentaries.

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