Spotify adds on-demand playlist for free users

Spotify adds on-demand playlist for free users

Spotify adds on-demand playlist for free users

Free tier users will be limited to 15 on-demand playlists in any order and skip as many songs as they want. These recommendations are based on the music you play or add to playlists.

Currently, Spotify offers two tiers - an ad-free tier that costs £9.99 per month, that lets you listen to the full Spotify library, create your own playlists and download songs to listen to offline, and a free, ad-funded tier that restricts how many songs you can access. It will also impact the battery less.

More than 90 million Spotify users are reportedly on free tier, and 60% of its paying users in 2017 started out as freemium users.

Spotify now has about 90 million users of its free tier, and 70 million paying subscribers. The new user interface shows quick access to playlists and a redesigned bottom navigation bar that includes a "Premium" button. It'll be specific to each user; if a heavier Spotify user will have more cached.

Taken together, the features included in the update will ease up on the restrictions Spotify has imposed thus far in its free tier.

The move is part of an effort to attract more paying subscribers.

The revamped Spotify free tier that was announced today is very much the same redesign that IBTimes reported nearly a week ago. The updated app now suggests songs that are similar to those they've already added right below the search bar, in the hope of making the playlisting process more streamlined. "With a new design on mobile, Free on Spotify includes a number of new features to make the listening experience more tailored to what you need to hear, now". Even so, referring to the recorded music industry's glory days of peak sales, Gustav Söderström, Spotify's chief research and development officer, promised, "This will make the 1990s look like a practice run".

There will also be a Data Saver function where as the name implies, will result in less data being consumed while streaming.

The announcement was made during a recent event in NY, where Spotify provided several interesting details about its service. With the new version of Spotify's app, over a dozen popular playlists including Discover Weekly will be available for on-demand playback without shuffling.

Artists will be able to "see engagement stats for both [ad and premium] tiers in Spotify for Artists just like before, and your customizable Artist's Pick and About Page will display to both types of users", a company memo stated.

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